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Do Your Property Need A Private Power Pole Installation?

Do Your Property Need A Private Power Pole Installation

In Sydney, property owners themselves are responsible for maintaining electrical assets on their property. That means, beyond the street connection point, the responsibility is with property owners to take care of electrical belongings on their property.

Typically, a private power pole is situated on your property and supports the power lines that come in with your electrical connection to your property, home or business. Besides, they can be shared with multiple properties located nearby or solely remain on your property. Three to eight metres is the standard height of a power pole. In some scenarios, your level 2 electrician will have to install a taller power pole to provide appropriate clearance beneath.

Do You Need Steel or Timber Private Power Pole Installation?

Steel Private Power Pole

Depending on the weather conditions, a galvanised steel power pole should last for 15 years at the minimum. The cables coming from the street can run inside the power pole, which looks a lot more visually appealing than when it runs outside the power pole. Steel pole is termite-proof, which is one of its chief advantages. It is a respite for rural regions wherein termites can be destructive tiny creatures. You can paint steel poles and grant beautiful aesthetic looks to your property, and enhance the street value of your home or business property. The steel pole is not combustible, so it is a much safer option, especially for bushfire prone regions. Therefore, a bushy area such as the Hawkesbury, Ku-ring-gai, the Hills District and the North Shore would benefit from steel power pole installation.

Steel pole

Timber Private Power Pole

Timber private power pole is treated hardwood, and they come in different lengths. Timber pole does well in difficult ground conditions, particularly near the ocean because the salt-water and spray can corrode a metal pole swiftly. Thus, the wooden pole option will provide you with added protection from salt-water corrosion. A quality timber pole for new power pole installation won’t be the cheapest option, but with an expected lifespan of up to 50 years, timber pole offers superb value. Besides, timber being a local renewal resource, you can feel good about making a sustainable choice. The standard timber pole is 9 metres in length, so they are larger than your average steel pole. Sydney regions where timber power pole recommended include Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, Neutral Bay, Mosman, Drummoyne, Middle Harbour and surrounding Sydney Harbour areas. The salt in these areas is a killer!

Proper Maintenance Can Lower the Risks

Whether you are a home or business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your privately-owned power poles and power lines on your property are properly maintained and safe at all times. You can help lower the risks by visually checking the general condition of poles and power lines on your property regularly. These check-ups are vital, especially before the bushfire season and immediately after major storms. Often a tree branch that overhangs is blown over and makes contact with the power lines. If you spot something like this, right away call a licensed level 2 electrician or a tree-trimming service to clear lines safely. Besides, you’ll need to get your power lines re-tensioned, so recommended to contact Eris Electrical Services, an accredited Level 2 service provider.

Inspect the lines visually and see if you can find any frayed wires, UV deterioration and ensure they are not loose or hanging very low. If they are very near to the ground, then this is a critical electrical danger that needs to be corrected at the earliest. A level 2 electrician can install a new power pole on your property; however, you need to ensure they are authorised to work in your region. Eris Electrical is an accredited Level 2 Service provider based in Chester Hill, Sydney. We can swiftly attend to breakdown across the Sydney metropolitan area, greater Sydney region; besides, we service the North and South Coast on request.

What Is the Installation Cost for a Power Pole?

The type of power pole and the extent of work required will determine the total cost. It’s imperative to know the power pole work first to give an accurate cost estimate. For a swift response and service, contact Eris Electrical Services on 0402 685 118. We have the most experienced team of level 2 electricians in Sydney, ready to serve you, including emergencies.

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What Is Private Power Pole? What Is the Installation Cost for a Power Pole?
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