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Power Pole Installation, Repair and Replacement Services

Eris Electrical Services specialist in overhead lines and power pole installation/replacement.
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Private Power Pole Replacement & Installation in Sydney

Eris Electrical Services P/L is a licensed level 2 electrician to supply and carry out the replacement and installation of galvanised steel and timber power poles. If need be, you can also have a private power pole installed near your property, which is your very own electricity source. At Eris Electrical P/L, we supply, install, connect and maintain electrical private poles of galvanised steel, timber etc.

In any occasion, a Level 2 electrician will need to evaluate the suitability of an electric power pole or a shared private electricity pole for your property. Besides creating safer surroundings, some property owners just favour the look of a private electrical pole as it gets rid of the view of unpleasant cables from the front of your house.

Contact experienced Level 2 Electrician in Sydney on 0402 685 118 for private power pole repair and installation service.

Power pole replacement and installation

Power pole installation-Temporary Builders Pole Best Rates!!!


  • Power pole replacement
  • Power pole sales steel and timber, full stockiest
  • Condemned pole replacement
  • Service line installation single phase or 3 phase
  • Mid span take off
  • Flying fox installation”
  • Point of attachment relocation
  • Point of attachment repairs
  • Design of overhead reticulation

Emergency pole replacements

  • Storm damage
  • Storm damage to overhead wires
  • Fallen pole replacements
  • Repairs to bush fire affected areas
  • Cross arm replacement
  • Re-tensioning of overhead cable
  • Replacement of insulating pins and shackles
  • Adjustments of end pre forms and ties
  • Installation of pole stays

Cross arm replacement

  • Re-tensioning of overhead cable
  • Replacement of insulating pins and shackles
  • Adjustments of end pre forms and ties
  • Installation of pole stays


  • Elevated work platform (EWP rated at 33kv)
  • 4 Tone crane with borer
  • Cable trailer / Roller / winch
  • Hydraulic crimpers, cutter and drills
  • Hauling and rigging gear
  • Remote area access vehicles

Work Safely

  • We use RTA approved traffic controller and safety observer
  • We have policy and procedures in place to prevent accidents
  • All staff are RTA approved traffic controllers and all have competencies in pole top rescue, CPR

Eris Electrical P/L is a specialist Level 2 Service provider, based in Chester hill Sydney. Our centrally located premises means we can promptly attend to breakdown throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, greater Sydney region. We do service the north and south coast on request.

We are honest and reliable and will ensure your job exceeds the Australian standard. We provide upfront pricing and provide the flexibility of credit card and EFTPOS payment.

  • Overhead/underground TBS 40 amp Single phase for standard domestic jobs.
  • Overhead/underground TBS 63 amp Single phase for medium domestic jobs.
  • Overhead/underground TBS 63 amp Three-phase for commercial sites.
  • Overhead/underground TBS 200 amp medium to large site. (Pending load approvals)
  • Overhead/underground TBS 400 amp Large commercial/industrial site. (Pending load approvals)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a private power pole stand for?

A private power pole acts as a source to supply electrical power to the property. It’s joined to a building via point of attachment and the street’s electrical network.

What types of power poles exist?

Well, the two major types of private power poles are (1) Galvanised steel poles & (2) Hardwood timber. Besides, composite power poles used that are formed using cement and used more for commercial intent.

What is the installation cost for a private power pole?

The total cost will differ based on what type of power pole is required and the scope of work. However, it’s not possible to give cost without first knowing the power pole work at hand. Call us on 0402 685 118 for a quick response and service.

Who is authorised to install a private power pole?

Accredited Level 2 Service Providers or Licensed Level 2 electricians can only perform private power pole installation, repairs and replacements. That’s because only level 2 electricians have undergone the required training and qualified to perform all level 2 electrical works, which general electricians can not carry out as they do not have the needed level 2 electrician training.

Is it possible to place a private pole anywhere on my property?

Well, there is a criterion for placement of private power poles on a property. The first private power pole or “A pole” must be placed within 1m of property’s front. Any subsequent power poles can be further placed within the boundary as needed. It is possible but hard to get an exemption from this requirement if the piece of land is not suitable for the erection of a power pole.

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