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Understand How to Read Your Electric Meter

How to Read Your Electric Meter

When it’s time to settle your bill, you might find it unexpectedly high. Before reaching out to your utility company, understanding how to read your electric meter is crucial. This article uncovers the basics of electric meters, explains their functionality, and provides insights into reading them. It covers various types of electric meters & solar meters, offering valuable information on electrical safety precautions. Familiarising yourself with the fundamentals of reading an electric meter empowers you to manage your utility usage better and address discrepancies in your bills.

How Does Electric Meters Operate

Electric meters function like clocks powered by electricity. Small gears in the meter rotate as your home draws current, and the dials on its face record the revolutions. When more energy is ingested, the gears rotate faster, increasing the speed of revolutions.m Watts is the unit of measurement for electric energy, and consuming 1000 watts within an hour is a kilowatt-hour (kWh).

The Fundamentals of Reading an Electric Meter

  • Read the numbers displayed on the dial from right to left.
  • Use the dial to the right if the pointer is on a number.
  • If the pointer has passed zero, use the following higher number.
  • If the pointer has not passed zero, use the lower number.
  • Write down the values from right to left.
  • If the dial hand is between two numbers, use the smaller number.

Read Your Meter by Following the Steps Below:

Continue reading to understand how to read different types of meters.

How to Read Digital Electricity Meters

  • Here, you must check the total electricity consumption recorded in kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • Observe the number displayed from left to right, navigating through screens like date and time if needed.
  • Numbers starting with 03 or 003 indicate the peak electricity meter reading, while those beginning with 07 or 007 signify the off-peak meter reading.
  • Solar panel users must examine the import/export meter, focusing on numbers starting with 09 or 009 for the grid export reading.

How to Read Electricity Meters’ Dial/Clock Face

  • Dial or clock-face electricity accumulation meters provide a cumulative kWh reading of electricity consumption in a home.
  • Read the dials from left to right and exclude the one marked 1/10 used for testing.
  • Each dial has a unique revolution sequence from the one near to it; one may revolve clockwise, and the other anti-clockwise.
  • If the pointer is between two numbers, note the lower one (e.g., record one if between one and two). However, note nine if the dial is between nine and zero.
  • If the pointer rests exactly over a number, write it down and underline it.
  • If an underlined number is followed by eight or nine, subtract one from the underlined digit.

How to Read Solar Meters

Solar meters come in various types, and the reading method depends on your electricity setup. The process may differ whether you use a solar power and battery storage system, a separate hot water meter, or a multiphase supply.

Identify the meter model on the front panel label for solar inverter energy system meters. Focus on the Display Data section in the digital display, which provides the actual readings. Refrain from considering the display test screen, which typically shows a series of 8s and is irrelevant to your reading.

Granting Retailers Meter Reading Access

Retailers require access to your meters at least once a year for reading and billing purposes. Without transparent and secure access, retailers might resort to estimating your energy consumption, potentially resulting in inaccuracies. Overestimated bills can be burdensome, while underestimations may lead to substantial catch-up bills.

Failure to grant access for three consecutive scheduled readings could result in energy service disconnection. To avoid disruptions, consider negotiating a meter reading schedule with your retailer, especially if accessing your home meter proves challenging.

Electric Meter Reading Safety Tips

While reading your meter, it’s crucial to be mindful of potential risks associated with electric meters. Here are safety guidelines to follow:

  • Prioritise safety by ensuring the absence of hazards before accessing your meter.
  • Choose clear weather and a stable electricity supply when reading your meter.
  • Verify that the metering data equipment exhibits no signs of heat damage or burning odours.
  • Inspect poles and power supply wires for any indications of wear.
  • Examine the integrity of your electricity connections.
  • If potential hazards are identified during a self-meter read, avoid attempting fixes and contact your energy retailer.
  • Reach out to energy retailers for assistance if you experience power outages or electricity supply issues.
  • Contact your utility company promptly if your meter is defective.

Get Expert Assistance for Electrical Meter Reading

This meter reading guide provides insight into understanding your bill. However, if you still have doubts, it’s best to seek assistance and advice from Eris Electrical, a reputable Level 2 Electrical Contractor – we can offer you guidance and promptly direct you to trusted energy retailers. Additionally, we provide valuable energy-saving tips and cater to your electrical requirements with expertise.


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