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A Simple Guide for Securing a Temporary Power Supply Connection

A Simple Guide to Secure Temporary Power Supply

Temporary power supply connections are crucial in supplying buildings with electricity during construction and renovation. A Level 2 Electrician installs a temporary power supply system. At Eris Electrical, our team of Level 2 ASP electricians specialises in offering temporary power solutions for residential and commercial construction sites.

Temporary power supply connections are essential for construction and renovation sites, ensuring a reliable electricity supply throughout the building. It is important to note that temporary power connections are not intended for leisure, residential, or commercial power supply beyond the construction period. Once the project is completed, arrangements for a permanent connection must be made. 

Trust us to provide the necessary expertise for a seamless and reliable temporary power supply during your building.

Understanding Temporary Power Supply Connections

During a demolition, construction, or renovation project, a temporary power supply connection becomes essential to facilitate the property’s access to electricity. This temporary power connection is installed by a Level 2 electrician who possesses the necessary skills, license, and expertise to meet the requirements for temporary power connections.

The temporary builder’s supply is limited to a maximum 100A for a single phase (230V) or 63A for a three-phase (400V). The installation process adheres to the AS/NZS 3000 wiring rules and other electrical safety guidelines, ensuring that every step is executed accurately.

How to Install a Temporary Power Supply Connection

Here’s a general guide and some tips for the installation of a temporary power connection:

Private Power Pole Installation

  • A private power pole is essential for safely bringing the overhead service lines from the electricity distributor into the property.
  • Position the pole to ensure that cables do not cross over driveways or other areas of the property.

Temporary Electricity Meter Installation

  • Installing a temporary electricity meter is essential, facilitating the electricity network to charge electrical rates.
  • A weatherproof and interference-safe temporary power box is necessary for the installation.

The actual installation process for the temporary power supply system involves:

  • Excavation: Prepare the area where the private power pole and, if required, the electricity meter will be located.
  • Power Pole Installation: Install the power pole and connect the overhead service lines, single or three-phase.
  • Cable Connection: Extend cables from the power pole to the temporary power box equipped with power points and safety switches.
  • Inspection and Testing: Conduct a safety inspection and a general performance test to ensure the proper functioning of the temporary power system.

How Temporary Power Supply Connections Are Disconnected

Upon completion of the build or renovation project, removing the temporary power supply is entrusted to the Level 2 electrician. A Level 2 electrician will ensure the proper disconnection of the temporary power supply and undertake the necessary steps to reconnect the home to the power network seamlessly.

Here, it’s worth noting that the decision to retain the private power pole, which was initially installed for temporary power, may have been determined during the planning phase and could continue to serve a purpose even after the completion of the project (though it is rare).

Reliable Level 2 Electricians for Temporary Power Supply Installations

At Eris Electrical, our experienced and skilled team of Level 2 electricians provides top-notch services for temporary power supply connections. We specialise in the professional installation of temporary power supplies, ensuring their correct operation. Through regular inspections, our electricians prioritise the safety and proper working of the temporary power connection throughout the construction process.

Eris Electrical Services - Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Our temporary power supply connection services are available throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we are always available if you require an emergency electrician to address power supply issues or any other electrical concerns.

Please contact Eris Electrical for reliable and professional temporary power supply connection services in and around Sydney.


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