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Why You Need to Switch to a 3-Phase Electrical System?

3 phase power upgrade system

Does your home still have a single-phase power system? Your home’s electrical setup may limit your potential to run power-hungry electrical appliances, such as a second or third air-conditioner. The solution is straightforward – upgrading to a 3-phase power system. The continuous progression of technology puts increased stress on our power infrastructures. This blog sheds light on specific instances where modern technology changes power usage, highlighting the necessity for a three-phase power upgrade. The benefits of enhancing your home’s power system range from improved efficiency to heightened safety, making the upgrade compelling.

Enhanced Safety

Due to their design, three-phase systems are integrally safer. This reduces the risk of overloads and electrical fires, providing peace of mind to homes with complex electrical needs.

Increased Capacity

With three phases, you get increased power capacity, which allows you to operate more devices simultaneously without putting a load on the system. This is especially beneficial for homes with high-tech appliances and gadgets that need a lot of power.

Enhanced Efficiency

Three-phase power systems allocate electricity more consistently, lowering the load on each phase and facilitating the smooth operation of heavy-duty appliances. It means less stress on your electrical system and reducing energy bills.

Switching to a Solar Energy System

The progression in solar technology has nearly mandated the need for homes to shift to a three-phase power setup. Such systems ensure a more dependable energy supply with reduced voltage dips and enhanced power quality. The benefits of transitioning to a three-phase power configuration are considerable, substantially improving your solar system’s energy efficiency.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Houses with families and extensive amenities like air conditioning and swimming pools typically require a higher power supply. In Sydney’s sweltering climate, residences commonly rely on split systems or centralised air conditioning to stay cool. Central air conditioning systems exert a significant demand on your electrical setup; thus, a three-phase power system would be beneficial.

Powering a Swimming Pool with a Larger Heater

Not every pool necessitates three-phase power, but homeowners might consider an upgrade to a three-phase system beneficial. The decision to upgrade should be based on your home’s electrical load needs (or ‘maximum demand’). For instance, should you wish to fit a sizeable pool heater to prolong your swimming season, it would be prudent to consult with our electricians to determine if a three-phase power system is necessary.

Future-Proofing Your Home

The demand for a reliable and continuous power supply grows as we incorporate smart home technologies and electric vehicles into our lives. Upgrading to 3-phase power ensures your home’s electrical infrastructure can handle these additional loads.

Final Thoughts 

Previously, single-phase power might have been adequate, but today’s technological advancements call for an upgrade to three-phase power to support contemporary living. Moreover, is your property’s power consumption being met adequately? We’ve highlighted vital instances demonstrating the transformation in power usage as technology progresses. Contact Eris Electrical if you want to switch from a single-phase to a three-phase system.


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