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How Would You Tackle Fallen Power Lines in Storm Season?

How Would You Tackle Fallen Power Lines in Storm Season

As the holiday season sets in, so does the storm season in Sydney. Storms, ranging from heavy rain to cyclones and wild winds, are a common occurrence in this region, and often, they are accompanied by hail and flooding.

During storms, the risk of fallen power lines worsens – it may be caused by falling trees, lightning strikes, or high winds; these incidents demand quick and informed action.

Regardless of whether the power lines are on public or private property, it’s imperative to know how to respond when encountering them.

What Action Should You Take When You See Fallen Power Lines?

Identifying fallen power lines can be complicated. While they might be visibly broken and lying across a road, signs of damaged lines could also include fallen or damaged poles, arcing wires, impaired pillars, or exposed underground cables.

So, what steps should you take when you see any of these signs?

Keep Your Distance

Always keep a safe distance from any fallen power lines or exposed underground cables, even if they originate from your personal property’s power poles or are situated on your land.

For your safety, it’s crucial to maintain a minimum clearance of ten meters from any downed lines at all times. Once electricity contacts the ground, it can energise the surrounding area, with voltage persisting until a distance of 10 meters from the point of contact.

Fallen power lines pose a grave danger, and their ‘Live’ status isn’t always evident. With automatic switching systems in place, a previously inactive line could become ‘Live’ at any moment. So, never approach them under any circumstances.

Avoid Contact with Any Object or Person in Contact with a Fallen Power Line

Under no circumstances should you touch anyone or anything that remains in contact with a fallen power line. It includes trees, vehicles, or even floodwater. If the line remains ‘Live’, it could result in severe injury to you.

Even if the fallen power lines are located on your private property, never attempt to repair them by yourself. Always contact emergency services or contact us at Eris Electrical on 0402 685 118 – our 24/7 emergency response team will promptly assist you.

Exercise Caution During Post-Storm Clean-up

Take extra caution while cleaning your property after a storm. Occasionally, fallen or exposed power lines can get concealed within debris or even submerged in floodwaters. If you spot anything like a power line, do not take any risks—just leave it as is.

In an Emergency – What Should Be Your Immediate Steps?

Suppose you notice someone being electrocuted by a fallen power line on public grounds or private power poles; refrain from touching them and remain at a safe distance. Immediately dial triple zero (000) for assistance and wait for help to arrive. If the individual is capable of walking and once safely moves away from the energised area, you may then provide first aid for their injuries. Gently rinse the burns with cool running water for a minimum of 20 minutes and then apply a non-stick dressing. However, avoid using salves or ointments on burns. Even if the victim appears to be okay, it is recommended that emergency services examine them.

Contact us at Eris Electrical promptly if you notice a fallen power line.


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