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Key Steps To Arrange For The Power Pole Installation

A power source is a primary requirement for arranging any event. Whether you are building a new home, planning an outdoor exhibition, or setting up a weekend market, electricity powers are a prerequisite. But it may not always be possible to get hold of the power source, especially if the property does not have a dedicated main power supply. Temporary Power pole installation is the practical and most feasible solution for such situations.

These poles can cater to your electricity requirements. The process of setting up the temporary power pole is also easy. But you need to keep a few things in mind for installing the power poles successfully.

In this blog, you can learn how to set up a temporary power supply with temporary power poles.

What Are Temporary Power Poles?

The temporary power poles help to access the electricity grid from any property or place temporarily. Assigning the job of installation to the professional power pole installer will ensure proper installation.

The power poles will establish a connection to the main power grid with the metered connection. The meter will track the volume of power consumption. On completion of the construction, the installers will take down the power poles again.

You can then connect the property to the main connection. 

When To Use The Temporary Poles

Maximum projects need power during the construction phase. Without electricity, it will not be possible to power up the tools and types of machinery.

The common places where Power pole installation is somewhat mandatory are:

  • Outdoor events
  • Construction sites
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Disaster relief sites
  • Remodelling and renovation projects. 

Temporary power connection is also necessary at the building sites that lack permanent connection.

The power pole installer has to follow a strict set-up process for establishing the right electrical connections.

Obtaining Permits

The process begins with procuring approval for the temporary power installation. The licensed contractors can take care of the application process.

Site Preparation

Once the approval is here, the professionals will prepare the site for the Power pole installation. 

  • The workers mark the location of the power pole from the beginning of the project. 
  • It will stop further interference with other utilities. 

The spot should ideally be a place where there will be plenty of room around the pole to avoid hindrance in work.

Inspection Of The Pole

A final inspection is mandatory before the practical work starts. Therefore, a simple inspection from the professionals will ensure a safe and stable setup.

Connecting To The Power Pole

And this is the final step. It is a very simple process. You will be calling the preferred power supplier and requesting for connecting the temporary power pole. The utility company will make sure that the installation of the pole is accurate and they may mark the pole with the approval sticker if the team feels satisfied.

Professionals At Aid

The entire process may not seem too complex. But you can’t deny that it will be an elaborate one, that primarily demands for technical adeptness. And for that, you just can’t recruit any professional for the purpose.

You have to choose the right power pole installerwith a thorough background check of the company. After all, the entire construction process depends on power support. If the support fails, you will lose precious time and money.

So, be particular about picking the service provider. Prefer companies with extensive experience as these are field works that demand maximum expertise and experience. Whether you need it for a domestic site or a commercial complex, the right professional will do the job appropriately.

Getting temporary poles for drawing power is the best and most practical way to continue work at the construction sites and outdoor spaces without electricity mains.


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