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5 Vital Things Electricians Advise Customers to Stay Safe!

Things Electricians Advise Customers to Stay Safe

Electricians work around electricity safely with all precautions, but others don’t play safe enough! So we have put together a checklist of things that electricians advise doing and avoiding, which will keep you safe.

1. Say ‘No’ to Cheap Power Devices

When you buy power equipment or devices, such as extension cords, power boards etc., it is prudent to purchase high-quality items only. Ensure you never end up buying cheap or substandard electrical items. Substandard products made using inferior quality materials can be unsafe. It could compromise the safety of your family around the property. So the next time you go shopping, look beyond the price tag and give prominence to quality electrical products.

2. Pay Close Attention to Warning Signs

Electrical danger can come due to several reasons, but warning signs are always there! So it’s crucial to pay close attention to anything peculiar or strange. It usually accompanies lights coming on, or your device may not work as intended.

Other Things that You Need to Watch Out for Can Include:

  • Devices switching off frequently
  • Hearing unusual and strange sounds like pops
  • Hot parts and outlets
  • Flickering or jerking lights
  • Burning
  • Elevated power bills
    • All of the above warning signs warn that something is not right! Thus, if you find any of the above, make sure to switch OFF your main power supply and replace the affected device right away.

      3. Put on Good Quality Protective Gear When Working around Electricity

      If you’re working near or around electrical fittings and wires, wearing proper gear like gloves, earmuffs, and eye goggles play a crucial role in keeping you safe when working around your home. So investing a few extra dollars in buying good quality protective gear is vital. It is significant because your safety will depend on what you’re wearing.

      4. Are You Keeping Your Hands Dry While Working Around Electricity?

      Water and electricity do not blend! Water conducts electricity, and it can lead to possible electrocution and death. Thus, before touching any electrical switches, wiring or outlets, ensure you always dry your hands appropriately. With this precaution, you won’t have to take any worries about getting into unsafe situations.

      5. Refrain from Cutting through Electrical Wires Yourself

      It is a risky thing to do! You can create likely problems by cutting the wires too short, and there is the risk of electrocution if the power supply is not stopped by switching off appropriately. It can create an unsecured wire connection that can lead to sparks, fires and other life-threatening hazards. It is not advisable to perform electrical works as DIY. Instead, you should call in professional electricians to perform all types of electrical works.

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      5 Vital Things Electricians Advise Customers to Stay Safe!
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      5 Vital Things Electricians Advise Customers to Stay Safe!
      For all customers, electricians, and homeowners, safety should always come first. Here you can read what electricians recommend to customers in order to stay safe.
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