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What Are The Steps Involved In Powering A Granny Flat?

Connecting power to a granny flat

Do you want to get the power connected to your granny flat or secondary dwelling in Sydney? Eris Electrical are the Level 2 electricians who can connect your electrical power by making requisite changes to the meter box, running the power lines and getting things ready for a new meter installation. Eris Electricals’ has been serving Sydney and nearby areas for over 15 years, connecting power to secondary dwellings and granny flats.

When do you require a granny flat meter?

Your granny flat or secondary dwelling will need electrical power, and you will require a separate meter, which is called a granny flat meter. First, your Level 2 service provider will provide you with a separate circuit for the electric power that connects your secondary abode. Next, your energy retailer will provide you with a second meter.

Advantages of a granny flat meter

  • Things will be easier with Granny flat meter
  • You can save money by using Granny flat meter
  • Granny flat meter will decrease the likelihood of arguments and disputes

The reason for getting a separate electricity meter

Let us assume you have additional space in your home and want to split into a dual living space. Either you want to rent the extra living space to generate some extra income, or you want to use it as a granny flat for your elderly parent or guests. That’s a worthy investment.

When you create a new living space or expand your living area, ensure getting separate electrical wiring for the new or extended living area, which is worth the cost. If you decide to rent out your dual living area in the foreseeable future, there will be no disputes concerning power usage. Furthermore, potential renters will feel more in control of their costs.

The process of connecting power to your granny flat

It is ideal to call a level 2 electrician and get their advice for connecting the power to your granny flat. There are two alternatives:

Method #1 – Underground power line

Your level 2 electrician will install a private pole in a location you prefer and connect with the power from the street. Furthermore, they will dig up to bury the cables underground and run them to the new switchboard or green meter box. This method is aesthetically pleasing as you will not see any electric wires anywhere near the gardens, trees, fencing or play areas.

Method #2 – Overhead power line

Your level 2 electrician will connect the power from the street – straight to your additional living area using an overhead power line connection. This method is the most popular and the cheapest to connect power to the granny flat. They will fix a bracket to the roof of the fascia of the granny flat and then connect the electric power into the switchboard.

Once the connection from the street gets active either underground or overhead to your new switchboard, your energy retailer will provide you with a new electricity meter for the granny flat, which will facilitate the electricity supply to run separately.

Contact Level 2 Electricians in Sydney

Whether you need a power connection for your secondary dwellings or granny flats or require any other level 2 electrical work in Sydney, call us at Eris Electrical on 0402 685 118, and we will be delighted to serve you.

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