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Why Should You Consider Upgrading to a Smart Meter?

Why Should You Consider Upgrading to a Smart Meter

We are in a digital era and upgrading to a smart meter makes sense. Smart meters can provide you with an update regarding the energy you use, after every 30 minutes of usage. Thus, smart meters make it effortless for you to understand your electricity usage pattern. The rest of the people who don’t have smart meters will have a good old accumulation meter installed that maintains track of all the electricity used since the meter was installed.

The Process of Getting a Smart Meter

Most of the time, you can get a smart meter from your energy retailer. If you have a faulty or defective or malfunctioning meter or an energy plan in place – all these are valid reasons for your energy supplier to offer you a smart meter.

Most energy companies nowadays prefer smart meters, as it reduces their work to read considerably. Thus, several energy distributors offer a significant discount for installation. Whereas some energy suppliers will go to the extent of “giving away a smart meter with specific energy plans”. Nonetheless, you should always shop around and compare smart meters to make sure you’re receiving the best offer. If an energy supplier is charging for the smart meter, then you’ll find it on your next energy bill. Alternatively, they might spread it out, all through your contract tenure.

The Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart Meter

1. Lower Energy Bills

When you have installed a smart meter, energy distributors won’t have to send technicians to your home to obtain an exact reading; rather, they can accomplish this remotely curtailing their costs. Many energy distributors will happily pass this savings onto you and charge you lower fees provided you use a smart meter.

2. More Options for Energy Tariff

You get access to different energy tariffs when you upgrade to a smart meter, which isn’t accessible with a traditional meter. Some energy distributors want you to get a smart meter for a time-of-use tariff while there are upgraded tariffs that read your energy consumption more precisely.

Time-of-use tariffs charge you varying rates depending on when you use your electricity. It is divided into peak hours, shoulder hours and controlled load hours:

The peak hours are the costliest because the stress on the grid is the maximum during these times.
Controlled load hours helps you to save the most and is the least expensive. This tariff format won’t be suitable for everyone, but those who use the most of their energy during controlled load hours will be able to save significantly.
Shoulder hours, if applicable, sits somewhere in the middle of peak and controlled load hours.

3. Smart Meter Keeps Track of Your Electricity Usage

Smart meters not only keep track of how much energy you have used during a billing cycle but also gives you information about how you use electricity all through the day. Some suppliers will even facilitate you to access your up-to-the-minute usage information on their mobile app or website portal. This type of information helps you to realise when you’re using the utmost energy and accordingly take measures to restrict your output. It will also help to identify the energy-wasting habits that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. When you can access this type of data at your fingertips, you can be more watchful of your habits and work towards using energy more resourcefully. Moreover, smart meters won’t give you any surprises when you receive the energy bill, as you’ll know how much you’ll have to pay before you get it.

What Are the Concerns Associated with Using A Smart Meter?

While a smart meter comes with many benefits, there are also a couple of concerns associated with using a smart meter, let’s quickly go over them:

Privacy: The energy distributor will know about your energy usage pattern and when you’re using the utmost energy. Based on your energy consumption, an energy supplier can know your work schedule, sleeping habits, and even some of the appliances you’re using.
Security: The second most worrying factor is security, which is prevalent across all smart home technology. There is always a probability that hackers might get into your system and perhaps cut the electricity to a home, which may be rare or may never happen.

Well, there is no need to worry about these concerns – energy distributor has to know about your energy usage so that they can bill you. And concerning security, we all are surrounded by technology – right from our smartphones to smart home technologies, so there is no point to fret about it.

Are Smart Meters Safe?

Smart meters make use of radio waves to facilitate remote readings for your electricity and gas meters. To date, the evidence indicates exposures to the radio waves generated by smart meters don’t pose a health hazard.

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The Bottom Line

A smart meter can help you to keep your electricity usage in check, helping you to guard yourself against paying inflated energy bills. As you use your electrical appliances and devices, you’ll be able to see your meter ticking up, helping you to make better use of your energy and in the process save some money. Gradually, smart meters will replace the existing meters in every Aussie home over the next few years.

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Why Should You Consider Upgrading to a Smart Meter?
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Why Should You Consider Upgrading to a Smart Meter?
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