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Tiger Tails Installations & Repairs: Who Should Perform It?

What are Tiger Tails

Tiger tails completely cover a power line and make it very clear that there are live power lines present. Generally, they are yellow and black and are clipped together over power lines. The tubes that are clipped on provide short electrical insulation, as well as, mechanical shield.

They are made to be strong and easily noticeable to close by workers like tree cutters or crane operators etc.

Shortcomings of Tiger Tails

Tiger tails are used only for providing warning and they

Do Not:

  • Safeguard people from electrocution or shock because they do not offer extra insulation.
  • Allow people to work near the power lines.
  • Insulate the overhead wires which they are fastened onto.
  • Curtail safe approach distances, meaning people still have to be cautious around wires even if tiger tails are installed on them.

Who Can Work on Tiger Tails?

A qualified person from an electrical network operator or level 2 electrician in Sydney can work on tiger tails. Overhead power lines are highly unsafe, thus, authorised professional can only work with tiger tails. Either installing or repairing them, the level 2 electrician knows how to handle the wires safely. It is essential that an untrained professional remains away from the overhead power lines and do not even try to work with tiger tails.

Service Mains – Tiger Tail Installation Service

Service mains are the wires that move from pole to property; they consist of four main lines that may be separate or all together. Each wire will join the building at the point of attachment – this is something only an authorised Level 2 service provider can work on. Tails installed on these wires can be fitted for extra safety with rubber insulation.

Low Voltage Communications

The line moving from pole to building can be the telecommunications and as they remain lower on the pole, tiger tails can be installed on them easily. Tiger tails should have the right weight as the telecommunications line can be thin. It is easier and cost-effective to install the tails as they are easy to reach and not labour intensive.

Low Voltage Power

These are the lines that offer power to the building. Joining from the pole to the building through the point of attachment, rubber insulation and tails can be installed.

Distribution Mains – Tiger Tail Installation Service

When installing tiger tails into properties, a level 2 electrician should know how to work with larger power lines. Distribution mains are the ones that have wires moving from pole to pole along the street. There may be multiple different wires and lines on the same pole. If this occurs, then the higher voltage lines are situated near the top.

Low Voltage Telecommunication

The lowest line is often the telecommunications line and they are normally thicker in size. Tiger tails are generally installed on them as they are the lowest line and will give a clear hint to everybody passing by that there is a power line above them. As these low voltage telecommunication line is easier to reach, it is convenient to install tiger tails on them.

Low Voltage Power

Power surrounding buildings normally have four isolated wires or all four connected together. These lines being thinner when they aren’t joint, tiger tails can help people see them easily.

Low Voltage Street Light Conductors

Low voltage street light conductors power street lights and tiger tails are applied as the wires are very thin. If tiger tails are to be installed on the power lines, then it has to be brought to the attention of the energy authority.

High Voltage Lines

Three main lines that are high in voltage are placed as high as possible. These power lines are very hazardous and so they are positioned so high on the pole. It is not possible to install tiger tails on these dangerous wires.

Tiger Tail Repair Service

A certified level 2 electrician is needed to disconnect, remove and reconnect all tails from a site. It does not matter, where they are situated or what wires, and if they are on a distribution main or service main, only licensed level 2 electricians can work. When the existing tiger tails are damaged or broken, either too heavy for the wires or falling off, the level 2 electrician will fix this. Changing them is easy, but removing them needs the use of safety measures.

Unauthorised or Untrained Person – A Strict No!

Never allow an untrained or unauthorised person to remove the tiger tails because the chances are high of getting electrical shock or electrocution. Besides, improper handling of wires might also develop other electrical issues. Therefore, you must only entrust a level 2 electrician or Level 2 electrical contractors to safely install, replace or repair a tiger tail.

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Tiger Tails Installations & Repairs: Who Should Perform It?
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Tiger Tails Installations & Repairs: Who Should Perform It?
Tiger tails completely cover a power line and make it very clear that there are live power lines present. Generally, they are yellow and black and are clipped together over power lines.
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