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How to Prevent Overloading of Your Electric Power?

Power saving techniques

Power overloading can occur in a home when it has malfunctioning wires or when the wiring requires an upgrade. Secondly, if you’re living in a property built two or three decades ago, then the property would be designed for the time when electricity was less used. Electricity use in the present day has steadily increased as it powers all your appliances, entertainment systems, devices, gadgets and smartphones, which increase electricity use significantly. And the circuits designed to handle this can induce problems, including tripping the circuit breaker often.

If any of the above apply to you and your home, then you may have to call in an emergency electrician in Sydney at a time that you would not expect. Here are some essential tips to help you prevent the overloading of your electric power.

You Should Know How Much Energy Your Electric Appliances Are Using

Knowing how much electricity your home appliances need will help you manage your electricity intake efficiently, which will help you to keep your energy bills down and avoid overloading your system. The tag on the cord of each appliance will reveal its wattage. Know how much wattage common appliances use on average – Then, you can look at how long you use it when used and how much power it consumes during standby. Next, look at how much load your circuit breaker can take, and accordingly, manage your use differently to suit what is safe to load before short circuits take place.

Never Leave Major Appliances Plugged In

Identify your energy-draining appliances and unplug them when not in use. It will reduce the load on your system and save money on your electricity bills. For instance, appliances like television, computer, kettle, toasters etc., do not have to remain plugged in when they are not in use. Also, when your air conditioners are not in use, it is vital to switch them off from the main switch. It will significantly reduce the consumption of your overall electricity units and thereby provide you with substantial savings on your electricity bills. Please note: Just switching off your air conditioner on the remote is not sufficient as your air conditioner will work idle and continue to ingest electricity units. So make sure you switch off your air conditioner’s main switch when it is not in use.

Look at the Electrical Appliances You Use and its Wiring

When you call an emergency electrician in Sydney, they will inspect your home electrical wiring. But before you call them, there are things that you can look at without touching anything. Ensure the cords of your electrical appliances are not exhibiting signs of damage or fraying, and the copper wire inside is not visible. Besides, ensure those cords are not inflicting any danger. Damaged or defective appliances and wiring not only cause inconvenience and a likely interruption to your electric power but also is a severe safety issue.

Upgrade the Wiring of Your Home

An emergency electrician in Sydney can be handy for solving the overloading problem, which is a direct threat to your safety and your home. However, when you start facing these overloading issues, it is worth hiring a regular electrician to rewire your home so it can handle the strain better. It will make your home adhere to the modern code, making it a safer place for all who live in it.

Upgrade Your Old Appliances with the Latest Energy-Saving Units

When you upgrade your old appliances with the latest energy-saving ones, it will consume less electricity and help you save on your monthly electricity bills and protect the environment too. Besides, newer appliances will reduce the strain on your circuit that your old appliances were placing. The energy star rating system Australia follows will help you to buy more energy-efficient electric appliances.

If you want to upgrade the old wiring of your home or upgrade from a single phase to a 3-phase power supply, call in an accredited Level 2 Electrician, Eris Electrical, on 0402 685 118, and we will be happy to serve you.

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