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How to Disconnect & Reconnect – Level 2 Electrician Job

How to Disconnect and Reconnect

Disconnections and reconnections fall under level 2 electrical jobs and you need to call level 2 experts to complete the job.

How Are Disconnections Performed?

When you choose Eris Electrical when shifting your house, we’ll disconnect electricity and gas for your old address and reconnect the same to your new address seamlessly.

So what you need to do is call us and book your house move or call our licensed electricians when you’re moving your house. You need to inform us, as to when and where you’re moving your house too. Once we have the information about your new house location, we’ll make arrangements to disconnect the electricity and gas for your old home and then reconnect the same at your new property. We’ll require at least 3 business days to complete this job.

Alternatively, if you want to completely disconnect the services of your old energy retailer when moving house, you can call and inform them that you’re moving out of the property.

How Are Reconnections Performed?

Regardless of whether you’re an existing or new customer, we’ll require essential details to get you connected:

  • Address of your new property.
  • The date when you want your electricity and gas connected.
  • You need to provide your contact numbers and a form of identification, such as your driver’s license or passport or any other valid government photo-ID.
  • Concession details: Once you’re connected, you can register your concession details for your new house property.

Need Assistance for Connection Related Issues

If you face a connection problem, right away call Level 2 Electrician in Sydney and inform about the problem.

In case, your new house property hasn’t been connected when you thought it would be, or if you’ve been disconnected when you thought it shouldn’t have been – in all such instances, call our experts on 0402 685 118 and we’ll have the connection up and running quickly.

Do You Need a Connection Urgently?

It can take up to 3 business days to get you connected; however, if you need to be connected faster, call our team on 0402 685 118 when you’re relocating your house. We’ll see what we can do to get your new house property connected faster.

Note: Please be informed – if you’re building a new property, it takes longer to get a new meter connection. You can arrange for a new meter connection.

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How to Disconnect & Reconnect
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How to Disconnect & Reconnect
Looking to move home? How to disconnect & reconnect electricity and gas? Contact Eris Electrical Services to complete the job.
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