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Does Your Property Need a Switchboard Upgrade?

Switchboard Upgrade

How to find out if your home’s switchboard requires an upgrade or not? Well, your switchboard is the brain of your home’s electrical system. It gathers the consumer mains electricity from the street and distributes it to different places in your home or commercial property. A switchboard is situated on the front side of your home or business property. It includes the essential safety switches, fuses or circuit breakers (or MCBs).

A switchboard upgrade will be needed for your property in the following scenarios:

  • The wiring is very old and unsafe for use.
  • If you’re adding another air conditioner.
  • If you’re upgrading your appliances.
  • If you’re adding a swimming pool.

If any of the above-listed scenarios apply to you, then right away get in touch with an accredited Level 2 Electrician in Sydney so that they can carry out a preliminary safety audit on your existing switchboard.

Here Are Some Common Signs You Need to Watch Out for – If One Applies to You, then You Need a Switchboard Upgrade Right Away:

1. Have You Received An Electrical Defect Notice Recently 

If your electricity provider has issued an electrical defect notice to you, then you may need a switchboard replacement or upgrade to correct the defect. An inspector from Endeavour Energy, Ausgrid or Essential Energy can issue an electrical defect notification to your property along with a timeline to get the repairs, replacement or upgrades done so that your abode is safe for everyone living in it.

2. Old or Ceramic Fuses

If your property has ceramic fuses or they are very old, then they will provide less safeguard to the members living there. It is now obligatory to install safety switches on any new property or electrical upgrades for existing properties in Sydney. Modern-day switchboards offer excellent safety features and safeguard homes (i.e. family members) and commercial properties (i.e. employees). The latest switchboard facilitates you to effortlessly turn on the switch and eliminate the situation wherein you need to handle an electrical fire at day’s end. What’s more, the new safety switches provide a safeguard against short-circuiting, electric shocks and overloading.

3. Sparks or a Burning Smell

In the event you see sparks or sense a burning smell, then you need to call an emergency electrician right away. Either a faulty wiring or overloaded circuit may be the underlying problem. It can be hazardous if you don’t give attention to this instantly. Besides, you may see melted or smoky fuses –  immediately call an experienced professional.

4. Your Property’s Switchboard may be Overcrowded or No Space Left In It

If inadequate space in your fuse box or switchboard, then you can’t add newer circuits to it. If you buy an additional air-conditioner or a new pool pump or install a solar system – for any of these, you’ll need a 3-phase power upgrade or switchboard upgrade to service the new electrical equipment. Never overload your property’s existing circuits as it could turn out to be a fatal safety hazard.

5. Experience Circuit Trips

When your property’s switchboard gets old, the circuits are more likely to trip because they aren’t power-efficient. Suppose, you have inspected all your appliances and that they don’t present a problem, then it could be time for a switchboard upgrade. Nowadays, we use more electrical appliances than the days passed by, so the electrical requirements of the modern-day is a lot more.

6. Switchboard’s Back Side Made of Wood or Asbestos

If the materials aren’t made using today’s safety standards, then the likelihood of catching a fire or circuit trips become considerably greater. Besides, asbestos can cause a hazard for your family members in your home or employees in your workplace.

What Is the Cost for the Switchboard Upgrade?

Well, different factors need to be considered for a switchboard upgrade quote; they can include the following:

  • Whether it is required to relocate the switchboard or not?
  • The type of wiring used in the house and if the wiring requires to be changed.
  • Your existing switchboard material’s build quality – For instance, asbestos will have to be cautiously treated and removed.
  • Depends upon the number of circuits required.
  • Are you acquiring a 3-phase power upgrade at the same time?
  • Electrical product brand that they will be using, as you’ll want to install a product from a reputed electrical brand, which ensures you’re getting the best quality.

The Bottom Line

If you experience any of the six scenarios listed above, then you need to immediately call an Accredited Level 2 Service Provider to repair, replace or upgrade your switchboard and thereby make your home or workplace safe for all.

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Does Your Property Need a Switchboard Upgrade?
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Does Your Property Need a Switchboard Upgrade?
How to find out if your home’s switchboard requires an upgrade or not? Here Are Some Common Signs When You Need to upgrade your switchboard.
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